Why the World Needs a “Miss Journalism”

Miss Journalism World is a recent beauty pageant created with the aim of enhancing the role of journalism in the promotion of peace, international tourism, and cultural interactions. The first edition of the pageant will occur between the 1stand 15thof December, in Arusha, Tanzania. Miss Journalism World is supported and sponsored by several government institutions, local and international organizations, and the private sector. The pageant is incorporated with certain participatory activities such as visiting tourist attraction sites, video shooting, and photography for newspapers with the aim of creating awareness on the host country.

The world needs a “Miss Journalism” particularly for the enhancement of peace, international relations and mutual understanding. A peaceful globe enables counties from different continents to interact and enhance tourism, promote available resources, and appreciate cultural dynamics. These features, through the pageant, can be promoted via world alluring media channels such as magazines, newspapers, and even blogs. Since Miss Journalism competition depends on media broadcasting to create awareness on not only the event, but also, the outstanding features of the host country, international tourism is facilitated through photographs used in magazines and newspapers.

Through the miss journalism pageant, participants and delegates are provided with the opportunity to explore the host country through visiting various locations and appreciating the existing natural resources and cultural heritage. In addition, participating countries are allowed to promote elements of cultural and natural significance through exhibitions and displays. The event therefore, enhances both local and international tourism. Cultural practices are appreciated and further exchanged among individuals from different continents. Participants and delegates learn the culture practiced by indigenous communities. This facilitates cultural preservation. In return, the locals are presented with the opportunity of acquiring certain ethical and cultural observations from the guests. Eventually, the pageant works towards the creation of awareness and value addition.

The Miss Journalism competition offers a platform for the collaboration of global art performances including music, comedy, and dances. Through this form of entertainment, international understanding and a sense of belonging is developed thus promotion of international unity. This pageant is essential for the creation of employment for not only the contestants, but also, service providers, and participatory industries especially the media, hospitality, and tourism field. Talented individuals are provided with an opportunity to showcase their abilities through fashion and design, art, and cosmetics. Employment creation contributes directly to the economic growth of the host country as well as participating countries.

International awareness and understanding are vastly enhanced in such pageants especially because participants from diverse religions, color, and language contribute wholesomely and get to live together for a certain duration of time. This allows them to interact on personal levels hence spreading humanity and oneness. Further, career development is achieved by the participants irrespective of the roles played. Interaction with successful individuals in various fields provides upcoming professionals with the guidance and relevant information to facilitate career growth and advancement.

The Miss Journalism pageant is therefore vital as it not only benefits the host country, but the world in general. There is, therefore, need for its consistent promotion to ensure that it is globally embraced.

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