How Bikram Yoga Can Change Your Life

I jumped out of bed at 6 am today to catch up on the news, work on my outline and have some tea before my Bikram Yoga class. This is not how my normal routine used to be. The reason for the change? Bikram Yoga.

I remember my first Bikram class I did in Los Angeles. I almost passed out because I couldn’t deal with the heat. After the first class, I thought Bikram Yoga wasn’t for me. I figured I should stick with boxing, CrossFit, and my regular workout routine. I decided that if the urge to do yoga hit me, I could do some classic yoga instead.

However, something made me want to return. I have always liked to challenge myself physically and mentally. If I find something I feel I can’t do, then I know it’s a fear that I must work through. So, I challenged myself and returned. Not only did I do my second class that day, but I also signed up for 3 months so I would be forced to continue.

And guess what? I ended up loving it! After my first month, the heat was not a challenge anymore. I became better and better at the poses and my back pain (that I’ve been struggling with for the longest time) was completely gone. I started going more often, too. I began going twice a week and eventually wound up going almost every evening. I became friends with some of the dedicated yogis at the studio and became inspired by their philosophy. They have taught me to be more present throughout the day, as well as helping me in other areas of my life, not just while I’m on the mat. I also started meditating and bought all kinds of yogi-equipment to motivate myself.

However, since I moved back to Norway I haven’t done any yoga, besides some stretches and poses at home. I must admit I’ve really missed it. Today has been my first Bikram yoga class in a long time and it felt amazing! I wish I had found this studio earlier. I decided to share this experience with my younger sister Diana, so I signed her up as well and we went together. I thought it was going to be easier for me since I’ve done it before but nope! The heat was still killing me but I managed to survive! Tomorrow will be my second session and I’m already looking forward to it.

If you haven’t tried Bikram before I really recommend it! Here are a few reasons why:

1) Increases Flexibility

Being flexible is really important in everyday life. A strong muscle is a loose muscle. If you have any pain or are having trouble making improvements in the gym, then increasing flexibility will help. Any yoga class can help you improve flexibility, but Bikram takes it to the next level because of the heat in the class. You’re able to warm up your muscles in ways that you can’t do on your own, which means you can move your body deeper into every position.

2) Detoxes the Body

It’s no surprise that you sweat a lot in Bikram. And I mean, a lot. Sweating so much is good for your body though. Any kind of toxin that may be hanging out in your body has no choice but to see its way out. This includes everything from BPA’s to bacteria. You can then refuel with plenty of water afterwards, making sure your body is hydrated and filled with the best stuff.

3) Boosts Mood

Pushing yourself to the limit can improve your mood and help you de-stress. Bikram gives you the chance to leave everything on the mat. While you are sweating and working hard to survive, your body and mind undergo a reset. By the time you hit the final savasana pose, you will feel like a new person. The focus on mindfulness and meditation can also help decrease depression and anxiety, which leads me to my last point.

4) Promotes Mindfulness

Focusing on the breath and coordinating with your movement is ideal for learning how to meditate and practice mindfulness. The lessons you learn on the mat can be used in everyday life. You can get through difficult situations and learn to appreciate the smaller things in life when you are more mindful. Learning to do this takes practice and Bikram is a perfect time to do that!

If you still aren’t convinced, I still suggest you try a Bikram yoga class. It can change your life. You will get stronger, become healthier and feel better. There are no downsides!