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I am so excited about this blog post – talking about lip contouring with fillers! A few weeks ago I had my lips “contoured” by (0.5ml) filler at Oslo Laserklinikk and I am sharing the whole experience here on the blog to shed some light on the process as many of my readers seems to be interested in the procedure. I’ve received quite a few DM/ messages regarding the process after my short video post on Instagram, so in this blog post I’m sharing all the information (based on my personal experience), before and after photos and the full video of the treatment so you can see the result for yourself.

Although I’ve naturally full lips, over the years my natural lip line has become more and more invisible due to frequent cold sores (a topic for another article), which has resulted in use of tons of makeup to contour the lips every day to make them appear more defined. Luckily this isn’t something I need to think about anymore thanks to Dr. Farhad Eshaghi – the owner and founder of Oslo Laserklinikk at Frogner, that specializes in skin problems and laser treatments as well as fillers and botox. Dr. Eshaghi is fully trained in all aspects of cosmetic surgery and is an accomplished doctor with years of experience from the US, Denmark and Norway. He has been researching sore/ wound treatments with laser in the past years and is one of the leading experts on laser treatments in Norway.

As soon as I walked in, I was taken to the consultation-room where Dr. Eshaghi listened to my wishes and what I wanted to improve about my lips. He then did an exam and told me what he saw, while pointing out any normal asymmetries and how he thought he could improve them with soft tissue filler. In addition he went over the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the procedure.

Time for the injections! The numbing gel is removed and the lips are cleaned with an alcohol pad. I know…it looks painful, but I swear it just felt like a prick!

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 2.26.53 pm

Prior to finishing the syringe, the doctor let me see my lips to see if there were any remaining areas I wanted to fix, as he wants his patients to be able to see and point out anything he may not see.

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 2.27.37 pm

The result: we left the volume alone as may lips are naturally full, and focused on creating a “border” to define them. Bruising and swelling is a possible side effect which I had a little of both, however the final result should be visible in only few days. Dr. Eshaghi does advise to not make your apt within 2-3 days of an important social function. I wanted a very subtle and natural improvement to my lips – Dr. Eshaghi takes this very seriously and his philosophy is to “augment ones natural beauty without making the patient look over-done”. I was so pleased with my results, I will return back to Dr. Eshaghi for my (first ever!) Botox next week.

PMU and fillers are the only cosmetic work I’ve ever done and I’m so glad to have shared this journey with you! If you are interested in learning more, you can schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Eshaghi by calling +47 47 37 52 18 or sending an email to 

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